Using Super to invest in property

You may have heard recently in the media that there have been a lot of developments in terms of Superannuation and the ability to purchase property in your own name leveraging Super money as equity for funding. We have recently helped a number of people with SMSFs to acquire investment properties as well as help others to establish their own SMSFs, with support from Master Financial Planner Brian Lucas, to then purchase property utilising the Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) structure.

As mentioned in a recent Australian Financial Review article, “If you purchase a property with your super fund and hold the property until you retire, there is no tax to be paid if your super goes into the pension phase.”

If you have a SMSF already set up and are interested in purchasing an investment property or you have in excess of $100,000 in Super and are interested in setting up a SMSF to manage your investment in property then click the Learn more about Super button below as we need to speak to you directly to understand your specific circumstances to make sure we establish the approach that meets your needs best.

To learn more please email Laura or phone her on 8338 7203.

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