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Logo of Renovation RescueIt seems every time you turn the TV on someone is either cooking something very complicated or undertaking an equally daunting renovation project.

Whilst many people see investing in a run down property cheaply and renovating it for rental as their way to build wealth clearly it’s time to think again.

A Tradie Trends Report by online portal Gumtree shows that three out of four homeowners have attempted their own repairs or renovations, but a fifth have botched the job.

The report also reveals that dodgy DIY jobs remain a lucrative source of customers for tradies, who have collectively netted $380m for fixing poorly executed repairs over the last year.

Renovating For Profit founder Cherie Barber said that many homeowners do repairs themselves to save money, but the irony is that this can eventually cost them more.

“It may seem like a good idea at the time, but it can result in a more costly project and devalued property if work is not carried out correctly,” Barber said.

Significant too was that nine in 10 households who had racked up recent tradie bills reported that they didn’t think a hefty price tag always equated to quality work.

So why risk money and waste your valuable time when there are far better ways to build a property portfolio.

The advantages of new property over old property are many and varied but all represent value. But now with the NRAS incentives and the SA Housing Construction Grant thrown in it’s a case of game over.

Even if you own a block of land and plan to build an investment property…why bother…sell it now and buy an NRAS investment while you can because:

Demand is High…Stocked is Limited (very in SA)… so Act Now.

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(Source: Your Investment Property Magazine)

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