Reaching Out and Touching You

Working closely with eNova Digital we are ensuring that not only do we reach a broad market but we also make sure our past and current clients are kept well informed. In addition to an innovative advertising campaign they have help set up a Social Media strategy to streamline our communications and are implementing a new Customer Relationship Management System to ensure the best possible service levels are maintained.

The first step in reaching the market was to develop the NRAS 4 SA website and associated Facebook, Twitter and Blog presence. This was followed by developing a TV ad which gets across the NRAS message very clearly and points people to the website for more information.

We have run this campaign on Channel 10 for the last three months and have committed to a further three months…so make sure to look for the ad in shows like MasterChef, The Project, The Living Room and the 10 Nightly News.

In June we will bolster the campaign with Cinema screen ads at Nova Palace and Hoyts Cinema at Norwood.

Our main focus will be on Digital Media with the traditional media being used to draw attention to our website, Facebook and Twitter presence.

We will use our online “sites” to engage and educate our clients and encourage them to reach more people with the NRAS message by sharing the information we develop.

NRAS 4 SA will be our central core for the latest news and views whilst we will use Facebook to allow our clients to learn from and converse with others with interest in NRAS.  So like us now on Facebook and make sure you share the benefits of NRAS with friends and colleagues.

A great example of the impact of the campaign and the people sharing the message with friends and family came recently from the Nicdoa family. The saw the ad on Channel 10 on Monday and signed a contract by the following weekend.

Then they told everyone they knew about NRAS…. The result – they arranged a seminar at their home for a dozen people and invited Brian Chant to present the NRAS story.

And of course many saw the benefits and have since acquired an NRAS property

“it was such a good opportunity to build for the future we had to share it with everyone we know.”

While Twitter will be used to send instant and up-to-date information such as latest stock availability and alerts so start following us there also.

eNova Digital are experts in this area of New Media having written a book on it three years ago – The Grumpy Old Managers Guide to Social Media Marketing which is now available to you as a free download to read and share with others that may need it.

Download your free copy of eNova Digital’s Grumpy Old Managers Guide to Social Media Marketing now

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