Questus Finance Approval

1. NRAS Property Purchase Important Notice & Consent Advice Issued by Property Asset Planning (the Company): Read and tick the appropriate box, acknowledging that you have or will seek advice in relation to making an investment decision. Each purchaser must complete their details as Client 1 and/or Client 2,  sign, date and print your first name and surname. Please leave the witness section blank as we are required to be the Witness to your signature.


From your Questus pack, complete and fill out the following sections:

1. Page 35 Section 1 – Investor Type: Tick the appropriate investment purchase box for a Couple, Joint Investor or a Single Investor.

2. Page 35 Section 2 – Applicant Details (for each purchaser) complete: Title, Given Names, Surname, Date of Birth and Tax File Number. Only complete Country of Foreign Residency if you are not an Australian Citizen.

a. You must also complete the Ownership %. If you do not know this information, please obtain your PIA Report and refer to page 6, sub heading Tax Benefits which stipulates the Ownership percentage for joint investors or or Single ownership of 100%.

b. Page 35 Applicant Address, Please complete your Residential Address, Suburb, State and Postcode.

3. Page 36 Section 3 – Contact Details complete Name of Contact Person, email address, mailing address, suburb, state, postcode, business, phone and mobile phone numbers.

4. Page 37 Section 4 – Bank Account Details please complete your Bank Account Details so that Questus can electronically transfer tax credits directly into your nominated Bank Account.

5. Page 37 Section 5 – NRAS Approved Property Details

a. Name of Development and Developer (BuilderName) and {PropertyPurchased}.

b. Real Estate Agent is Brian Chant from Property Asset Planning, 8338 7206.

c. Conveyancer details – Jennifer Punke from Blackwood & Belair Conveyancers, 8278 8022.

6. Page 37 Section 7 – Payment: This is for payment of your $11.00 Application fee payable to Questus by either:

a. Cheque: Complete the Account Name, Name of Financial Institution, BSB, Account Number and Cheque Amount of $11.00 or;

b. Direct Deposit into the Questus Residential Investment Fund Applications Account: Quote your name as reference (if paying by Direct Deposit, please print and extra copy of your receipt and return to us for our records).

7. Page 38 Section 8 – Declaration and Authorisation: Each individual applicant must sign this document in front of an independent adult person over the age of 18 who must witness your signature, by printing their full name, signature and date on the document.

8. A Certified copy of your Driver’s License OR Passport signed by an authorised signatory ie. A Justice of Peace, Postal Agent/Officer etc. (Refer to page 34) must be posted back with your Questus Residential Investment Fund Application for proof of identity.