Newsletter May 2012

It’s all about you…and your friends

Welcome to the first edition of NRAS 4 SA News from Property Asset Planning.

When we first had the opportunity to work with the Federal Governments National Rental Affordability Scheme late last year we jumped at it. We saw the opportunity to bring an incredible opportunity to our current clients, whilst giving thousands of others a chance to reduce tax and build assets for the future. In doing so we decided to focus, as we have done for a decade, on property in SA and develop a range of partners to assist us in reaching a wider market and deliver the best possible service experience to all who work with us.

In this edition we highlight the benefits of NRAS, the latest Government news and compare investing in NRAS with other forms of investment.

We also focus on two of our new partners – Advantage Finance SA – who have ensured a 100% finance approval record for our NRAS clients and eNova Digital who have developed our media, marketing and sales strategy.

With June 30th approaching now is an ideal time to talk to us about how you can invest in NRAS and gain maximum benefits whilst we still have some outstanding properties available in Evanston, Munno Para West, Lightsview and Murray Bridge.

We have taken a real focus on Murray Bridge as we believe it represents a great opportunity for investors and as such we have secured some outstanding NRAS stock there. See NRAS 4 Murray Bridge for more information.


Reaching out and touching you

Working closely with eNova Digital we are ensuring that not only do we reach a broad market but we also make sure our past and current clients are kept well informed. In addition to an innovative advertising campaign they have help set up a Social Media strategy to streamline our communications and are implementing a new Customer Relationship Management System to ensure the best possible service levels are maintained. MORE

There was something good for you in the budget…after all

While there appears to be little in the budget apart from some short term hand outs and nothing for building long term for the future there actually is some good news. MORE

If you like Negative Gearing…you are going to love Positive Cashflow

When it comes to investing there have always been a number of questions to ask:
  • Property or Shares?
  • New Property or Used/Secondhand/Established Property?

But now there is only one – When can I get myself an NRAS property?MORE

What’s Next?

Did you know that NRAS Property can be included in your DIY/Self Managed Super Fund?
Did you know that you can use your equity in your own home to help your children buy a NRAS property…as long as they meet the general criteria in terms of earnings and employment?
We will tell you how in the next edition…if you can’t wait then call Brian Chant now on 08 8338 7206.


Conditions are right to invest

A recent article in Herald Sun said that one in four homeowners are on the hunt to buy investment properties. The new data has shown 26% of existing homeowners are looking to buy a second property. 

Do you pre qualify?

Have a look at our brief guideline to see whether you or someone you know may pre-qualify to purchase a NRAS property.

  • Do you own 50% equity in your own home?
  • Do you have a household income of $75,000 or more?
  • Have you been in the workforce for at least 10 years and expect to be for at least another 10?
Contact us to receive more information.