North, South, East or West…where is it best to invest?

picture of compassTo be perfectly honest it doesn’t really matter.

While the story above highlights the ongoing potential of the North there are equally good opportunities in other parts of Adelaide.

The secret to success in property investment is in the advice you get and the experience of the advisor.

Real Estate agents will talk about investment properties but they have a vested interest in selling certain “second hand” properties at the time and don’t have a broad view of the market in general.  Builders also will sell you an investment property but it will be in an area that suits them at the time.

And then there are the investors who want a property in a part of the city near where they live or where they think they will get best return or the best tenants etc.

But at PAP our job is to recommend the properties that will provide our clients with the best opportunity possible.  As such we deal with a variety of builders to ensure a variety of stock in areas that we believe will provide great results. Those results being measured in terms of:

  • High Occupancy Rates
  • Strong Rental Yields
  • Long term Capital Growth

We have a track record of seeing the potential of NRAS and seeing the potential of areas like Munno Para West, Murray Bridge, Mount Barker, Evanston Gardens well before demand began to exceed supply.

We have helped many in investing in these areas when they thought they needed to look around the corner or near the beach.

It really doesn’t matter where you invest…you don’t have to live there or manage the property and with NRAS you don’t have to worry about the quality of the tenants as they are hand picked from a long waiting list.

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