More detail has been given of a 30-year growth plan for northern Adelaide

The South Australian Government said it provided for another 38,000 houses, 100,000 residents and 43,000 extra jobs in the region.

The growth plan takes in areas including Playford, Angle Vale and Virginia and business plans for Edinburgh.

As well as housing, the plan outlines road needs, drainage, sewerage and expansion of schools and public transport.

It covers the part of the City of Playford from the Gawler rail line to the coast and the greater Edinburgh Parks area in the Salisbury council zone.

Planning Minister John Rau promised it would be a better approach than with the planning of Mount Barker’s expansion.

“Before the first house is built there is already provision for [building] land, for recreation, for schools, for medical services, for local community hubs and so on. It’s all planned for,” he said.

“This represents the best practice in planning for the future and some of the difficulties that we have encountered with the process in the Mount Barker instance have actually contributed to making this a much better process.”

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