Gen Y Want To Invest

Long gone is the idea of the great Aussie dream to own our own homes. Gen Yers these days, it seems, are thinking more about their future and can see the wealth benefits purchasing an investment property can bring.

The Advertiser reported yesterday (July 26th 2011) on a report done by Mortgage Choice that found that Gen Yers were “postponing their own aspirations of owning a dream home instead preferring to buy up investment properties.

I think the findings are on the mark with the current way of thinking. Over the years I have had clients that would rather buy an investment property and build wealth for their future whilst renting. I have also found that the key motivation for buying an investment property is “I want to set myself up financially for the future”.

And with vacancy rates at about 1% in Adelaide – the lowest they have been for some time – now is the time to buy investment properties with lots of potential tenants lining up to rent properties.

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