What does the Election mean to your NRAS Investment Strategy?

It is clear from the Liberals’ Affordable Housing policy (please ask us to send you a copy if you wish) and the following statement, that they will be committed to making NRAS work even more effectively for investors and potential tenants.

NRAS 4 SA is all about a commitment to meeting the shortfall in Affordable Housing and support for the Building Industry nationally as such there is no doubt that whoever wins on September 14th they will be committed to NRAS in delivering the short term aims and the long term benefits to Australians.

Opposition Housing spokeswoman Marise Payne said Labor’s policy was failing to deliver on affordable housing. “Labor’s performance on NRAS is dismal, just 9,289 dwellings have been delivered. It is difficult to see how the government will meet its target of 25,302 dwellings by April 2013. This failure is exacerbating the national housing shortage of 228,000. Labor needs to extend its housing policy beyond waiting for interest rate cuts that mainly benefit owner-occupiers.” She warned that Labor’s NRAS failure and its failure to address the housing shortage would increase the risk of vulnerable people becoming homeless.

“Firstly, the government needs to honour its commitments. This is another example of a promise with no follow through.” She said the Coalition would work with the states and cut the red-tape and charges associated with land release. The scheme exists to stimulate the supply of new affordable rental dwellings and that is a key part of the Liberals strategy to stimulate the economy.

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