Minimum $100,000 usable equity or cash savings. Household income of $70,000 or more

If you have the above it is likely you will qualify to receive the Government’s tax free incentives.

What are the Benefits
The benefits offered by NRAS make investing in property easier than it's ever been.
- NRAS incentive: currently $9,981 (plus CPI)* for 10 years tax free
- Large pool of quality tenants ready to move in now

Plus all the regular benefits of property investment via negative gearing...not to mention good rental yields and capital gains.

To find out about NRAS, watch our summary presentation below, Download the Facts or attend our regularly 30 minute Information Session with Master Financial Planner Brian Lucas.

Watch our Find Out The Facts summary presentation.

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Limited Stock
Many builders in SA did not understand what NRAS offered and were reluctant to take up the opportunity. Fortunately we decided to specialise in NRAS more than two years ago and that has seen builders wanting to work with us.

As such we get good stock but nowhere near as much as we can use. Slowly but surely this is changing with the long term future of NRAS assured and the shortage of quality, affordable rental housing growing.

Act Now
While the NRAS incentives will be here for years to come right now is the time to act. Firstly Interest rates are as low as they may ever be and secondly there are special incentives that end at the end of June.

The SA Government’s new $8,500 Housing Construction Grant is available to anyone contracting to buy/build a new home before the end of June...and it's tax free and paid as soon as the slab is poured on your new NRAS investment property…well before property is even finished.

Plus at NRAS4SA we are offering an extra $1,500 until the end of June 2013.