AHC Finance Approval

Please complete the following sections on page 1:

Contract Details: Please ensure that your personal details have been filled in correctly.

Bank Details: Please ensure that you have provided your new bank loan details, the name of the bank and the BSB and Account Number.

Builder:- Please make sure that {BuildersName} is in this box .

Selling Agent: Please make sure that the name Property Asset Planning is in this box

Property Location (Your NRAS investment Property): Please check that the correct property name and location is inserted here.

Estimated Time of Settlement: This is normally 6-8 weeks from the date of contract signing and is only an estimate. Please make sure that a date has been placed here.

Type of Dwelling: This is normally a house for Metro Property Developments, please write the type of dwelling.

Number of Bedrooms: How many bedrooms does the investment property have?

Estimate Date Certificate of Completion: This is normally 18-20 weeks from Slab being poured.

Property Manager:- The Property Manager is HLB Mann Judd. Their contact details are 8133 5000.